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March 30, 2013
Outlook logo
Explore your new inbox.
Let us help you get the most out of your email.
Give your inbox a fresh start
The Basics
Click the down arrow next to the logo to hop between:
Mail 1 People Calendar SkyDrive
Email People Calendar SkyDrive
Chat, mail and edit documents straight from your inbox. See all your contacts, including their latest updates and photos. Access appointments and reminders from all your devices. Up to 7GB of free storage for all your photos and files.
Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more
Click the + in the top bar to write a new email. When you click or open a message, you’ll find the following options:
Learn more about email organisation.
The gear icon in the upper-right hand corner offers options for customising how you read and send mail.
Select a font
Create an email signature
Set up keyboard shortcuts
Automate replies
Start automatic forwarding
We hope that this helps make you more comfortable in your new inbox. Play around a bit. We think you’ll be happy with what you find.
All the best,
The Team
Arrow Down
Get your inbox on the go.
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